Prise multiple, season #1

The couple is everywhere today. You may even have one at home. But what is a couple, really? Geek couple, mixed couple, old couple, impossible couple.. Enjoy Prise Multiple’s delightful take on twosomes.

Four moods, at the same time

A web series composed of sketches. The same scene in four completely different atmospheres. Zap at will from one atmosphere to another, in a blink the characters transform themselves yet continue the same dialogue, without missing a syllable.
Web video mood
Web Video
Reality television mood
Reality Television
Romance mood
Arty mood


Arnold has always dreamed of cheating on his wife, but since he doesn’t have one, he decides to pay a visit to Mylène, a professional with a warm heart, chilled by the economic crisis. With Sarah Bertholon and Emmanuel Ménard. Runtime: 2 min 15 sec to 2 min 37 sec. English subtitles.
Alain and Céline met online and have loved each other forever since a week ago. But this evening, the atmosphere is less auspicious, possibly because Alain failed to mention an aspect of his personality and Céline has a suspicion. With Emmanuelle Cousin and François Coulon. Runtime: 3 min 14 to 4 min 09. English subtitles.
Ernest is treasurer of the badminton section of the sports club of a small country town. After twenty-five years of marriage to Astrid, Ernest has succumbed to a strange mid-life crisis. Rather than buying a car, he has thrown himself into his sport. Astrid, a contract worker, has her eye on him. With Claire Ackilli and Jean-Louis Conte. Runtime: 1 min 48 to 2 min 53. English subtitles.
Nadia and Jérôme are planning an unusual marriage; she is a product of a vibrant multicultural diversity while he is strictly home grown and not much else. Will our heterogeneous couple manage to overcome their differences? With Séphora Haymann and Mathieu Vervisch. Runtime: 2 min 51 to 4 min 25. English subtitles.
Prise multiple

A web series by François Coulon

Costume & production design: Emmanuelle Monteil Makeup: Mauria de Angelis (1, 2, 3) and Jésahel Charpentier (4), sound recording: Xavier Flamant (1, 2, 4).

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Prise multiple, the early stages

A Living Legend of Love

What was missing from Prise Multiple? Wine and women, of course. Paying homage to both romantic comedies and French wines, this time each scene is performed by just one actor or actress, but at three levels of intoxication that you can change between slightly sloshed, reasonably drunk and totally wasted. A total investment in the role, in the name of love. With Claire Ackilli, Marie Beaumont, Samira Meshabi, Parissa Pouya, François Coulon, Marius de Fugulely, Sébastien Garnier, and Stéphane Londero. English subtitles.

The Expressions of your Face

The actors perform a role for four again, but there are four characters too: two cops interrogating two suspects. Better yet, as on French TV, each is dubbed with another’s voice. Sixteen new scenes, still with no beginning or end, for a harrowing psychological contest. With François Coulon, Marius de Fugulely, Sébastien Garnier, and Stéphane Londero. English subtitles.

A Major Upsurge of Gratuitous Violence

What happens when you take twenty scenes and let four actors perform them any which way? Browse the different models of Roger at your disposal in real time. The future of the free world is at stake. With François Coulon, Marius de Fugulely, Sébastien Garnier, and Stéphane Londero. English subtitles.

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